Frequently Asked Questions

It is understood that it can be daunting when searching out a professional product photographer to work with. Particularly for newer businesses, or start-ups with limited capital to spend on marketing, advertising and imagery. We get a lot of questions from our clients (new and existing) so we thought we’d put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help answer anything regarding our process, workflow; or anything else when working with us on your assignment.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if there are any questions you have that have not be addressed here – please get in contact with us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Q: In what format will I receive my photos?
A: We typically supply our photos in .JPG or .PNG format unless otherwise requested. We recognise that some clients prefer dealing with uncompressed .TIFF files.

Q: How will I be able to access my photos?
A: Typically, we’ll use an online platform like Dropbox or WeTransfer to send out client photos. In cases where clients require physical media, we can also arrange shipping of CD/DVD media at an additional cost.

Q: Will I receive the RAW photo files?
A: Unfortunately, no. We do not provide RAW working files to customers. We pride ourselves on the finished images that we prepare and produce for our clients.

Q: I’ve found a cheaper quote elsewhere, will you match it?
A: We make every effort the remain competitive in the market, however we also understand that there will be some instances that we cannot quote match. We rely on industry standard equipment and our experience to produce high-quality results that leave our clients very happy.

Q: Why are some product photos more expensive than others?
A: There are a number of factors that determine the cost of an image. Complexity, requirements, size, shape and time can all affect the overall cost of an image.

Q: How do you price your photography work?
A: We typically base our pricing off two models. Half/Full day rates, and a PPI (price-per-image) model. You can read more about pricing on our photography pricing page.

Q: We need some photos done urgently, how fast can you deliver?
A: We make every effort to get photos to our customers as soon as possible while maintaining strict quality standards. In some cases, photos can be done in 1-2 days depending on availability and complexity of the project.

Q: How can I get my products to you?
A: The majority of our clients tend to drop off and pick up their products before/after photographing. Should this option not work with your schedule, shipping is also an option. In some cases, we can even arrange to pick the products up from you.

Q: Do you provide on-location photography services?
A: Absolutely. We offer photography services both in-house and on location.

Q: I’m not happy with our photos, what can be done?
A: We would hope this wouldn’t be the case! Our clients are all very satisfied with the work we produce. If for whatever reason, the photos we’ve produced have missed the brief, or are unsatisfactory – we’ll work with you to remedy the situation very quickly.

Q: I have a large quantity of products that need photographing, can you provide a discount?
A: Our PPI (price-per-image) model works on a sliding scale, so the number of photographs/products we work with dictates the overall PPI. The more products, the cheaper the PPI.

Q: Do you outsource your retouching?
A: Our retouching and design work is done in-house.

Q: We require 300dpi imagery for print work, can you provide this?
A: The Canon systems we photograph with provide a native resolution of 240dpi. We can scale this up (lossless) to 300dpi for use in print media if required.

Q: We need some models to go with our products, can you help with that?
A: Absolutely. We have access to a broad pool of talent including models, stylists and make up artists.

Q: Do you work weekends?
A: While we typically do not work weekends, there are instances where we will work weekends to accomodate urgent jobs, or ensure job completion for deadlines.

Q: Do we need to pay up-front for our photos?
A: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding invoicing and payment for our photography services.

Q: Do we receive high resolution photos?
A: We’ll typically provide our clients both web-ready resized, and high resolution versions of photos.

Q: Our products are going on Amazon, can you prepare our photos to upload?
A: We’re very familiar with the Amazon guidelines and we can absolutely tailor your images to work immediately with Amazon.

Q: I have some example images that I’d like to take inspiration from. Can I send these to you?
A: Absolutely. Example images, or even some quick images you have taken yourself helps us identify the look, feel and style you’re wanting to achieve with your photos.

Q: I really like your work, but I am interstate. Will that work?
A: We actually have a large number of interstate customers. Each of these use their own courier/shipping methods to get products to us to photograph. We’d be happy to discuss further if you need assistance.