Ghost mannequin photography, or the ghost mannequin ‘effect’ is a high demand service that allows you to use a series of techniques and post processing work to show your garment on a body form. The objective is to take your traditional two dimensional flat lay image, and transform it into something that is more lifelike that keeps the focus on your product and provides consumers a more accurate representation of how your garment looks when worn.

Sunsoaked Womens Swim
Sunsoaked Ready to wear Ghost Mannequin

Sunsoaked Ready to wear Ghost Mannequin
Sunsoaked Ready to wear Ghost Mannequin


We understand that new collections can often include many items. Our flexible pricing structure works on a sliding scale, so the more images you require, the cheaper each image becomes. Our team is more than happy to work with you to formulate a package that works with your budget and compliments your marketing efforts.


We provide our clients with high quality, Ghost Mannequin Product Photography in as little as 24 hours. With rush services available, we ensure that your garments are photographed to specification and finished to the highest quality standards that we are renown for


Trusted by leading brands, and with over 15 years experience, we are one of Brisbane’s leading ghost mannequin photographers and we take great pride in providing our clients with expert ghost mannequin images that showcases your garments to convert more and increase revenue!

Empowering the fashion industry to sell more online

We create stunning ghost mannequin photography

Professional expertise, superior attention to detail and industry standard equipment

Our Ghost Mannequin Process

Converting a regular photo into a ghost mannequin photo necessitates professional knowledge, experience, specialised equipment, and meticulous attention to detail. Our mission is to make your garment look genuine by using ghost mannequin photos to bring out its contours, shadings, and details. Ghost mannequin photography is prefered by internet shoppers because it allows them to visualise the outfit on themselves. You may easily picture how a certain garment form, texture, or colour would look on you using what is known as invisible mannequin photography.

The garment elements are brought into sharp focus through ghost mannequin photography. Soft and floaty clothing fabrics can easily be shown on a mannequin to make it appear as if it were on a real person. However, ghost mannequin photography demands complete devotion and expertise. To ensure that ghost mannequin shots are accurate representations of life, some preparation is required.

This necessitates fabric preparation, steaming, dust and filth removal, meticulous attention to detail, garment manipulation and handling, creative vision, and a thorough understanding of photo editing software.

The importance of visualising your product accurately

Creating the perfect Ghost Mannequin image

When photographing goods on mannequins to achieve a flawless image, we must make sure we have enough clothing photographs to construct a true 3D ideal image. Customers should be able to see the outfit clearly, therefore providing as much information as possible is critical. We need to photograph angles of the products as well as close-ups of garment embellishments to create ghost mannequin photographs. Product elements like zippers, embroidery, labels, logos, and buttons are used to demonstrate the garment’s quality. This also enables a perfect image to be created throughout the ghost mannequin photography post-production process.

Vintage Dress Ghost Mannequin
Laurina Jean Product Photography
Laurina Jean Product Photography


We rely on more than 15 years industry experience to deliver our customers the highest quality imagery at a competitive rate. Our team of expert photographers, stylists, editors and art directors are here to help with your project. Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll come back to you with a comprehensive quote for your review. Once the quotation has been accepted, we will work with you to organise delivery, or postage of your garments to one of our Brisbane based ghost mannequin studio locations. Upon completion of your project, we will issue your invoice for payment followed by your images in both high resolution and web resized image formats. Once the job has been finalised, your products can be collected or shipped back to you at your convenience.